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A beautiful way is a way without confrontation. It is the way of love and acceptance. Confrontation is not necessary to see the truth. One is guided into clear seeing by holding a space where there is nothing wrong. We believe that we should be different, that we shouldn't feel a certain way. 

Actually there is nothing wrong with the way we feel. There is always a reason for it. When that is seen and accepted without judgement then something changes. The beauty is that change occurs without us doing anything, because what we are is OK.. is always beautiful ...


* Space is created that gently guides you to the heart of your issues

* Receive clarity and release blocks in a safe and nurturing space

* Find yourself realigning spontaneously into your own energy
My  intuitive sense combined with  life and professional experience allows me to coach you in all aspects of  life's journey.


We hide from each other, thinking that this makes it safe.  We then cheat each other from feeling the beauty of  connecting with the unique life we each express. 

In any conflict the truth is rarely spoken. When "honesty is expressed" and there is recognition from the other that you have the right to your feelings.. even if it seems to make no sense... then life will be breathed back into the relationship.

In relationship coaching,  I guide  each  of you into sharing what is going on under the surface in this moment. Though the expression of the naked truth, while giving each other permission to have these feelings,  couples discover that a healthy  relationship is created.  

  Take care of this moment and the relationship will take care of itself.  


I have spent many sessions with Glen, working through some very profound and intense issues, in what was, maybe the most challenging and character-shaping time of my life. His guidance has been of tremendous value. I feel deeply grateful for his expert support, allowing me to come to terms with many old and profound issues and for helping me to move through a tremendously challenging period, feeling stronger, more grounded, and more positive than ever before.

Every healer and guide works in a particular manner, using particular approaches and tools. My experience with Glen has been that he is using a very pragmatic and direct approach. Not much fuss about what he does, no „esoteric BS“, no „superficial feel good blabla“, just straight to the point, starting right with the issues at hand. What distinguishes Glen is, that even though he starts with the obvious, he then probes very deeply into those aspects that have been, as if, hidden from view. He leads one to look at areas where there's avoidance, where there is denial, and where there's pain. But he does not stop there. Once the pain is seen, acknowledged, and has undergone some healing, through his gentle and loving attention, Glen then takes a person past the pain, into those realms of our mind (conscious and as if „unconscious“ / areas that we have chosen not to recognize), where pain was originally created, aiming to change false and unuseful beliefs that we have about life and reality.

In his healing approach, he is very gentle. Working on releasing blocked energies, which he perceives directly and accurately through direct and immediate experience. He actually feels what is going on in the person who comes to him, even if the consultation is done by phone or Skype. He then gently allows these blockages to be released, patiently guiding the person through the process.

The result of every session I had with Glen (and there were many) was that I was feeling better afterwards. So there is an immediate result and there is also an ongoing cumulative result when working with him regularly over some period of time. One thing that has struck me particularly with Glen is that he never rushes through his sessions. He takes as much time as it takes the person to come to a good point in the process. He never ends the session as long as the person does not feel better.

Glen is a very „hands-on“ person. Not someone sitting in an ivory tower. He gets right down into the trenches, making one feel that there is a dear and caring friend, sitting in the same boat. One feels cared for and never left alone in the process. Having himself consciously gone through the whole spectrum of human feelings and emotions, he can and does emphatically relate to how a person feels. And having undergone radical transformations in his own awareness, he is a true guide in the sense that he can lead people to higher recognition and insights.

Time and money spent on sessions with Glen's are well worth it! I can recommend him to anyone who likes to get real, lasting results.

-- Jan Müller, Meditation Teacher, Switzerland

Over the years I've known Glen as a personal friend, he has a rare dedication to truthfulness & integrity and a willingness to connect and serve others in seeing the truth more deeply for themselves. Glen has qualities and gifts I can honestly say I have rarely seen and brings an ability to tune into others with unusual depth of intuitive perception combined with deep awareness and openness. He brings these qualities not only to his sessions but to all his dealings with people. 

Glen can help reveal underlying suppressed feelings you may be carrying, hidden agendas or emotional blocks holding you back from living in accordance with your deeper truth, feelings that might be keeping you dis-empowered or confused in some area of your life. He may reveal where relationship difficulties are stemming from or bring a deeper understanding of childhood wounds or patterns and how they are affecting your life now, but in essence he is always pointing us back to recognizing the essential truth of our very being.

His open, compassionate and non judgmental way to guide you towards deeper self awareness often results in profound shifts for people. In my personal experience, I've been amazed by how well he brings clarity and by the accuracy of the information he is able to tune into. I have referred over 10 friends to Glen and every one of them has felt deeply grateful for the insights they gained, many saying they are blown away!
I highly recommend Glen's sessions to anyone who is ready and willing to see themselves clearly.

Talia Stevenson, Entrepreneur,  Brisbane 

Guys. Glen is the bomb! He rocks my world. Clarity and direct insight in moments. forget the rest. go with the best. love ya work glen.
 Guy Simpson, Gold Coast
Often when I receive energy work, It's subtle and the integration may take a while to display on my radar. With Glen, the shift in consciousness or healing is immediate and disarming. This kind of work requires a gentle, compassionate and non-judgmental way of being, and thankfully, Glen is just such a being. I've turned up on glen's doorstep, or at the end of a phone line, distraught - feeling like I've lost the plot. Glen has a deep capacity to receive my energy, feel into it, and then have a conversation with me about what hooks I've got associated to that energy. Always Always it's left my world view shattered, yet the words, as I write this, that keep coming to mind are, the truth will set you free. the underlying peace in letting go my projections of how life ought to be starts to seep through and by the end of the session I am laughing. I think Glen loves this liberation as much as I do. Thanks Glen for helping me set myself free. You're a gem.

Alys Titchener, Author, New Zealand

In his clear and egoless way Glen Jules has gently and safely allowed me to uncover & re-discover the truth and beauty of my precious divine radiant feminine self. WOW!
Many thanks to you Glen.

Oceana, Seminar Presenter & Wedding Celebrant, Byron Bay, Australia

"In over 10 years of studying and practicing an extensive range of natural healing practices, I have never encountered a healer or practice that touches my fundamental core as deeply as Glen Jules. Glens energetic healing (including Assemblage Point) has rapidly transformed the unconscious primary energy blocks motivating all aspects of my life. This is the energy frozen deep inside me from the early traumas in my life, that rebirthing, homeopathy, meditation, nutrition therapy, shamanic journeying (amongst many other practices!) have never
shifted, nor brought into conscious awareness. Glen has the ability to literally feel what is occurring for me deep within my psyche, and with sensitivity, compassion and wisdom gently help me release the energy of the traumas fixed in place. If you are willing to let go of all that stands in the way of meeting your personal ultimate truth of being, I strongly urge you to connect with Glen as soon as you can. You CAN be free like you deserve. I've been telling all my friends about him! Believe me, your experience of yourself and your life
will never be the same again. "

Anson, Mullumbimby NSW Australia
I have recently had a fortunate encounter with a man who was able to do for me emotionally, what I guess Carolyn Myss does for people physically.
Glen is a rare find. Initially, I wondered if we were entering into a kind of Satsang spiritual encounter, as he is very quiet, and holds a great presence.
It was much more than this however.
To put simply, Glen can feel what you don't, (or, as is most often the case, wont).
I call him the master of denied emotions.

He works by feeling. He will then go deeper into the energy of the feeling (not emotion) feeling.
This then created a divine space for ME to actually see, feel and release this energy...make it conscious, take ownership.

I would recommend Glen to anyone who is absolutely ready to look at their unconscious self and integrate all that is held or suppressed.
Glen works in the land of No time, so your session could last an hour or three...

Its confronting, but, for me, was the fastest way home.

Morthern Spears, Ocean Shores Australia

Yes I have the deepest confidence in your healing work Glen. It seems to me that this adjustment of the Assemblage Point is like the base of all healing work. If this is not balanced nothing is. Like the fundamental for the energy structure. The session been so strong and after the third I felt amazing. I look forward to continue and am confident it will lead to completion.

Much love Lina , Sweden

I experienced a subtle yet profound shift having "The assemblage point adjustment".
During the treatment there seemed to be a gentle physical fluttering over the skin of my whole body. Glen checked out where my point was split. There was no doubt in me, from my life experience that my assemblage point would be split. And it was. The whole process was very short. I stood up from sitting in silence for a while after the adjustment, finding my field of awareness profoundly deeper, wider and more solid.

The sensations where very subtle, if I had not been open to diving wholeheartedly into my spacial awareness I could have missed the deepening. Somehow with my attention on the very soft fluttering sensations in through and around that which I call my mind body mechanism, this body, I would have missed the opportunity, actually the invitation from this quite extraordinary vehicle/body. The sensations that where deepening and widening became very quickly my naturally way of being.

I found in the days following, that I was more able to say yes to life. Where I had struggled to say no before, I now was having no difficulty at all. There seemed to be a flow with life that just seemed sweeter and at peace, sitting back inside myself, not reaching outside of myself for gratification.

Love Sita, Byron Bay Australia

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